Tips to Becoming a Tax Preparer Professional

11 Mar

This article will be able to provide you with helpful information on how you could become a tax preparer. You will learn about the education requirements, training and the experience needed to start a career as a tax preparer and get a 
professional tax preparer™ certification.

What are Tax Preparers?

Tax preparers handles the calculation and filling out process of individual, corporate, partnership and also income tax returns through using a computer software. They will also interview clients, explain to them the procedures, implements research and do bookkeeping and other duties of which are related with their work. Tax preparers have some of their work stressful because the deadline of the returns are approaching and spends more time sitting. They also need to familiar with different tax preparation software programs.

Most of the tax preparers actually have a high school diploma or perhaps a GED and they will receive an on-the-job training. However, there are some positions where it requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business or perhaps in any finance related field.

Have Formal Education

A tax preparer should first complete a formal education from 
Universal Accounting School so they will qualify for a license and for employment as well. There are a lot of tax preparation companies that are offering with tax preparation training programs that are meant to teach students with how they could conduct interviews with clients, prepare on the taxes and to also advise the clients for an effective tax paying strategy. There is likewise the need of a bachelor’s degree in business or in finance or accounting so you could expand on your employment opportunities and for you to help future tax preparers in giving them the knowledge with regards to tax laws and regulations. There are however some employers who prefers applicants who have a degree.

The License

There are some states which actually requires a tax preparer in getting a license before providing service towards the public. Most criteria however can be by state, most of these requirements for the certification process or license includes meeting the minimum education hours and in passing the written exams. The applicants can in fact meet the education requirements through taking the basic tax course that’s provided by employers. But to some cases, degree in accounting can account on the education requirement. All of the tax preparers needs to be registered with the federal government. The requirements would include getting a preparer tax identification number or PTIN and to pass a competency and compliance check after the candidate will get a registered tax return preparer certificate or the RTRP. The certificate should be renewed annually.

Trained and licensed tax preparer could find employment at a tax preparation company. Some employers however will require the candidate to first have at least two years of experience and with a bachelor’s degree before they can advance on their positions.

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